sometimes i dip my foot in the fashion pool

i’ve been known to color outside of the lines.

my mom always told me that i dance to my own beat and i’ve learned to embrace those sayings and make them fact. this was going to just be a blog about my single life with potential horror stories of dates gone terribly wrong with all types of men. seeing as my calendar is pretty open as of right now, i’m taking a side note to fashion.

a good pencil can always make me feel like lady or just terribly uncomfortable if worn on the day my brain told me to put sweats on. when i paired a simple gray pencil with my favorite barbie style pumps and a cardi what can go wrong? yes, i did match the bag to the belt on purpose…something i never do.

is wearing your ex-boyfriend’s button down an unconscious, sappy, sentimental thing?

or a wardrobe expanded and a good twist on work apparel?


i’m going to take these headless horsemen bathroom shots to document my sometimes brilliant wardrobe creations. shoulda started a long time ago.


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