Better to be late than pregnant…

Happy New Year!!

way to much has happened and ive been a terrible blogger. here is a quick recap of the past 11 months.

ive gotten over my stupid ex finally. his long ass messages to me about how hes”sorry how things ended” and how hes “sad he doesnt have me in his life anymore” have made me laugh. the merry christmas and happy birthday messages went unanswered.

i started a new career in november. that was fun.

customer service

the hotel industry is a beast all its own. not having a set schedule has been awesome for my personal and dating life. not getting of work until midnight? im not complaining because i am thankful i have a job. but sometimes…

night shift


took a birthday vacation to the west coast. i truly believe that is where i belong. went out to san diego to visit a friend. i had such a blast, we did so much in just a week. went 4wheeling the dunes in yuma, went to the beach and hit up the mountains and went snowboarding. still obsessed.

west coast

i have recently found someone who seems to be worth my time…at least for now. thanks tinder. we’ll see how this one crashes and burns.