Doughnuts are a veggie…right?

Truer words never spoken:


this is the 4th or maybe the 10th time ive said i was going to get healthy. ive been suffering from migraines since my junior year in highschool. thats over a decade. ive been to neurologists, taken food diaries and stress tests and i keep getting the same answer…”we dont know.”

well i think thats a load of crap. ive been trying to figure out what my triggers are, im sure my extremely unhealthy diet has something to do with it. now im not saying if i get into the best shape of my life all of my problems and migraines will go away. however, its gotta help.

the other night i was at home around 8pm and decided to pop my yoga dvd into the bluray. i looked down at my legs and thought “good lord, that cannot be right.” now, i was a former collegiate athlete and even coached swimming for 5 years. i’ve never had a bangin body at least in my eyes, but i did always have killer legs. after a few good poses and my mind at peace, i decided im doing it for real this time.

ive been a very unhappy person lately and i believe my awful diet and lack of any kind of exercise has a good chunk to do with it.

im not promising that im going to post any progress pictures because lets face it, im still way to self conscious for all that nonsense. but i have found writing helps. so not only will i be sweating because im nervous on an awful date but ill also be sweating to kick my own ass.

this is going to be hard. i love a good doughnut and a gallon of icecream….

namaste bitches.


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