Lifetime movies are lame…

obviously, this entire blog is about the awful decisions i make in regards to men and want others to enjoy and laugh at my experiences.

ive done my fair share of flipping though the tv and accidentally landing on Lifetime. maybe accidentally on purpose because how can i change the channel when becky is dating someone who seems like a great guy? stupid becky…you know hes gonna murder you…idiot.

thank god i didnt get murdered, though at 1 point it did seem like that could be possible.

i know my biggest fault is giving those men the benefit of the doubt when no one else will. i’ve also been known to dabble into the work pool and make terrible decisions with coworkers. (honestly, at this point…i dont give a shit. online dating has been beyond a bust and im clearly not finding any winners at bars) im going to need someone to rip the heart off my sleeve and shove it in the folder where my taxes are.

hes a little bit country, im a little bit rock and roll, and thats how it started. talk about a snowball of a relationship and missing every…single…red flag imaginable.

this one started out like they all do, he was sweet, took my trash out, fixed things around my apartment that i was too lazy to fix myself. (yes, my standards have really dropped to that level) the convenience of me living ridiculously close to work only ignited and quickened our relationship. i’m a sucker for coming home to a hot meal and glass of wine. do i even need to talk about the impromptu foot rubs?! everything seemed great, which is why things started going downhill.

im going to take a second here and thank my lucky starts for one specific friend that i have who looks out for me and honestly wants whats best for me.

i had introduced this man to my friend and her significant other, something of which usually takes me a while to do. im guessing because i know deep down they are all losers. she was able to pick up on some comments that were made about his past that made her say “hmmm”.

again, thank God for her.

things really took a turn when he proposed? there was a really ugly ring though. and to make things worse, he tried to give it to me at work, while im holding a stack of files and running around like a mad woman. did i skip a head a few months? oh no…i did not.

fast forward two days later and my friend had taken me to dinner and shown me some research, which was all public knowledge. hello google. i didnt like anything i read. i had to plan to get out of this situation and the quicker the better. it was delicate and i couldnt just rip the band-aid off…sadly.

i started to push him away emotionally and physically, however due to the delicate situation i was in, i placed the blame entirely on me. i couldnt handle a relationship. i couldnt be there for him. i wasnt ready, so on and so forth.

things with him got pretty scary and intense, hence the me feeling like i was in a lifetime movie. i told him he had to get out of my apartment and that it was too much. i dont even know how i managed to get out of that situation unscathed.

is it really common place to have to google your date? common.

im throwing away my computer and will be single forever.