Q tips also not for noses

We got tested today for the COVID. It wasn’t as invasive as all the horror stories of the dreaded brain scrape. It was quick and the National Guard (overkill for the 2 cars including ours?) were nice. Results in 24-48 hours so the quarantine continues. So does my working from home, which in some ways is worse because now I’m averaging over 10 hours instead of my typical 9. I take the dog for a walk no later than 6:15 (pup needs to learn to sleep in) and by 6:30ish my laptop is open and my hell begins. We’ve been monitoring any symptoms tho is that dry cough another symptom or am I making it worse in my head. M is going down in flames tho I think he’s milking this a tad. Here I am feeling like shit but I’m still cranking away at work and him….well let’s just say the female is in fact the superior sex. Fact. Let’s see how we feel tomorrow…

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