I just don’t see it…

how do I even start this post? Do I go straight to the end and say it didn’t work out? Cuz that’s been my story for the last decade. Haha.

Online dating is weird. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the shallowness of “hey your hot…imma swipe right” kinda thing. This last one had promise or so I fooled myself into thinking it did.

Started out like any other, we chatted, we met, we kissed. Woo hoo. He lived a good 45 minutes away but worked fairly close to where I live. Things slowly progressed, and I was having fun. Actually ended up meeting the close friends AND mom and dad. How that happened I still don’t know.

We had enough in common to make it fun and enough of our own things to make it not annoying. There was a good balance, he even got me to watch Game of Thrones. I know I’m a few years behind everyone when it comes to that, but holy crap that’s an awesome show.

we made plans on a Thursday night to go to dinner and a baseball game Friday. I was taking the day off because I needed a day away from the hell I work in and to get a massage. He would pick me up from my place and we would have the most fun.

Until I wake up to a text Friday morning…

”I don’t think we should see each other anymore”

youve gotta be shitting me. I just looked at my phone and thought it was a joke. Did we not make plans less than 12 hours before? Did you really TEXT me to end things with me? I was able to ask him WTF bro?

he gives me the classic cop out of “I just don’t see anything long term between us and that’s what I want” then continued to contradict himself until I had enough.

oh ok…yeah no that totally makes sense. Tell your mother I said hello and your father that I think you’re an ass.

it’s looking like being that cool single aunt is gonna be my gig…I’m starting to be ok with that.



Rotten apple

im going to start this off by saying it has nothing to do with a man, or my job. this post is simply a quick rant about technology…well one particular company.

of course im apart of the overwhelming percentage of people with an iphone. yay apple. its great! user friendly for sure, sleek and just a good time. butttttttt….

i HATE the new update. just because apple is coming out with a new phone…all of a sudden all of my shit starts to not work. i swear its a conspiracy.  my videos wont load even though im fully connected to wifi and i cant even listen to my voicemails!

this is bullshit. and just another reason why i hate technology. granted, thanks to tinder and bumble and all those other apps i can go on multiple terrible dates, but seriously? this is 2016 right?

im the least technologically advanced person of my generation. im sure of that. but heres a big fuck you to apple for making my disaster of a life just a bit more awful.

im going to go watch new episodes of new girl. heres to hoping my netflix and/or bluray player doesnt take a shit too.



G.I. Hoe

i feel like my entire 20’s has been starting and stopping, in regards to everything, my housing, my jobs and my relationships. that’s ok tho.

the last scumbag i dated back in the spring just turned out like all the rest. are we really surprised? i wasnt. it started out great, the kissing, the sweet gestures. i even got over the fact he had a kid. i would be an awesome stepmom, just saying. he was military. i know i know, not my fault. he took me to a ball down in beautiful florida. it was 4 awesome days of beachin it, getting dressed up and cocktails. the relationship continued as it typically does and he did his military thing. i was getting the hang of only taking to him once a day when he was away, then of course the crash and burn happened.

a weekend away in a different city was normal. what wasnt normal with this specific trip is that he didnt text me…for 2 entire days. i thought he was dead. a little morbid i know, but comes with the job. come to find out he wasnt dead! hallelujah! he texted me back saying that he was back in his home city with a bunch of his friends with an awful hangover. (wait…youre not in the city you were working in? when did you leave? are you kidding me?) now, ive done my share of partying, but a 2 day hangover where the radio silence is in full effect with someone youre…..dating? negative. i gave him an earful and his response was of course that i was overreacting. maybe, but highly unlikely. i just wanted to know that you wernt dead stupid. he was being beyond shady in regards to the entire situation. not cool bro.

something made me look on his tinder profile. i noticed a brand new picture. now, im not good at math but i put a few things together. 1)still on tinder with a new picture + 1)no response to your GIRLFRIEND for a few days  = probable cheating and sketchyness.

he tried to break up with me via text saying something like “i just dont think we see things the same way.” yeah, like i dont think its cool to cheat on someone youre dating or just blatantly ignore them. of course i was not going to let this ass do the breaking up…so i called him.

we had about a 15 minute conversation…one that was about 14 minutes too long in my opinion that ended with a

me: do you even want to be with me?

him: i donno, i have to think about that.

waaaaait what? you have to think about if you really want to be with me? um ok.

me: let me help you, we’re done.


i havent heard much from him since, with the exception of him liking all my recent facebook posts and photos. oh also got a video from the field of a lighting storm with a “i think youd really enjoy this”.

can i please find someone who isnt totally self absorbed and doent treat me like garbage? or at least responds to my texts?


Pick me up…no no put me back down…

i thought id take the time to share some of winners who have tried to contact me on my online profile. i get it, sometimes online dating can be hard and you need to say something to stand out from the rest of the schmucks. unfortunately these need to try again. do these pick-up lines really work on women? i wasnt feelin it so i didnt respond to these guys. was that rude? whoops. here we go…

8:46pm: “hey gorgeous, saw your profile and wanted to ask if we could be friends and know each other more. i moved recently to the area from Boston for new job in biotech company. was thinking if we could meet sometime for dinner, drinks or movie?      thanks.

8 minutes later… “hope you could reply”

-no thanks boston. ill pass. besides clocking on your profile and seeing id be 5 inches taller than you and look like your bodyguard, im gonna take a wild guess we dont have much in common.

3:38pm: “i like how you used the word lady. i cant get myself to message a “gal” “gurrrl” or “grrl” and other such variants of women. whats up?

the next day: “it isn’t lady like not to reply my lady. :p”

-when you have something in your profile about being a grammar nazi, ill pass.

6:40am: “hello miss, how are you? i wonder is your heart sweeter than your beauty?”

-nope. its not. i dont even have a heart. click.

10:14am: “would you merry me? dont get freaked out im just joking lol but those are the only words i can say to someone has the most romantic face with a smile on it i have seen in a long time you so beautiful and i might even fall in love with you if i keep looking at your face 🙂 please tell me what kind of miracle do i need to have dinner with you sometimes and be able to know you more in person??”

-who doesnt like a good italian man? but slow down there mister. and can you learn where to put a period, comma, semicolon…anything?

10:39am “you are really unbelievably drop dead fred gorgeous. my god. *faints*

-good movie, but youre a little dramatic mr.

10:42am “wow..i honestly cant find a single thing wrong with you. youre gorgeous, you sound very unique and interesting which paired with a sexy body almost never happens. and youre close! ahh!! =D please tell me noone has stolen you yet?!? not sure exactly what im after on this site, all i know is i just spent alot of time checking you out and i dont want to leave=))”

-creepy. i feel like the possibility of being turned into a skin-suit was high with that one.

is it me? it has to be. time for coffee, or maybe a bottle of wine….



Clingy, like saran wrap

after only a few failed attempts at online dating, i had not been totally discouraged. a few days after the catfish encounter a cute blonde started messaging me. we began chatting and he seemed normal enough. (i know, when will i learn?) i had agreed to you guessed it..sushi.

this particular young man was tall..enough, and full of compliments. we had a lot of the same interests and things were going smoothly. we finished dinner and went for a walk around the block.

now, i would consider myself moderately athletic. i was an athlete in high school and college and have recently picked up a yoga routine. however, after stuffing my face at dinner the last thing i want to do is walk, a lot. 

after walking around a block a few times and trying to keep my breathing regular, things started to get a little sticky. (well besides my forehead..gross)

he began talking about how he wanted something serious and wasn’t looking just for a fling. i found that refreshing.

but then, he kept talking about how he just wanted someone to cuddle with, and come home to. someone to always be there for him and so on. i got the point. there was no need to beat a dead horse.

but then, it got worse and a little creepy. he talked about how he could see us hanging out everyday and blah blah blah. he kept trying to hold my hand and i felt like i was in a terrible teen movie. i had done all the slick get out of a pda situation without hurting his feelings. remember i like letting them down easy.

we left things pretty up in the air. i told him i had a nice time and he was sweet. after parting ways i get a message not 4 minutes later wanting to hang out again. a few days later i responded with the fact i had met someone else. he proceeded to ask more questions, none of which were his business, and he wanted to stay friends. he told me he was heart-broken i had already found someone. (a little soon for the heart-break talk i thought?)

regardless, ive never spoken to him since then. a part of me wanted to help him and tell him next time not to be so…i dont know clingy and desperate? i left that one alone. 

maybe this next one wont be so bad.







Here fishy fishy

one of my guilty pleasures has been the MTV show “catfish”. regardless of it typically having the same ending, you know the kinda geeky guy just looking for love gets messaged by some blonde bombshell who ends up being a large white guy who created “Amanda’s” profile because he was just having fun, or he had been bullied so he wanted to get back at people.

not too long ago i myself was victim of the catfish.

ill preface this by saying, online dating is not for everyone.

seeing as i was on the hunt for.. no wait, that sounds awful, let me start again. seeing as i was just a hopeless romantic looking for her prince i kept my options wide open and gave just about everyone a chance. im not recommending that to anyone. i have a bad habit of seeing the good or the potential for good in people.

after chatting with a young man for a few days we agreed to grab sushi. apparently thats my go-to food for a first date. looking back here are just a few red flags:

1) his profile picture was of 3 guys 2) it looked like an older picture 3) he only had one picture.

im an idiot i know.

regardless, i met up at a local sushi joint with high hopes. after meeting up with a rather large, (i dont mean just fat, he could turn me into a pancake if i said the wrong thing) guy who looked nothing like anyone in the pictures, we sat down for food. ill withhold all the awful details of how he droned on and on about golf. after telling me was a professional, and got paid from teaching private lessons on the course because he was “soooo goood”, i lost interest quickly.

talking to the “me-monster” for 26 minutes had turned me into a zoned out not nice person. i could see right through all the bs that he was trying to play off as game. my answers began to get shorter and my eye might have wandered to a cute bartender…with those tattoos…and that jawline..wait what? anyways. i scarfed down my rolls and begged for the date to end. the waiter came by and asked if we were ready for the check. “me-monster” responded with “we are actually going to go dutch, but because i am a gentleman, ill pay for the more expensive one.” he was joking right? nope.

way to go smartie, the sushi was buy one get one free. im no math wizard, but the checks came out to be pretty much the same. i gave my card to the waiter and sweetly smiled, tho i hoped he could pick up on my “can-you-believe-what-this-jerk-just-did” look.

i quickly got up and bolted for the door. just in time for the biggest rain storm i had seen in a long time. my sweet, sweet date for the night, offered to walk me to my car. when the rain had lightened just a bit i responded with a “sure”, stuck my hands in my pockets, put my head down and began my best attempt at walking fast but not fast enough that it looked like i was running from a psycho.

he went on and on about how i, yes i had such a great time with him and he knew i was dying to see him again. blah blah blah. i turned rude got to my car and quickly responded with, “yeah i dont think so. um have fun driving back home and be safe.”

a text message 2 days later asking for another sushi dinner warranted a response from me saying “its not going to work. sorry”. i know i like to let them down gently. thankfully he got the point and left me alone.

next time i hope to get the spicy tuna, and not a bottom feeder.


when a bad date…gets badder

still fresh returning to the dating scene, i try my best to keep an open mind and expand my horizons. i have recently learned that is not always the best way to go about it.

i also lived out why one should never dip their pen into the company ink. ever.

i thought maybe because this guy was in a completely different department and i never even saw him at work, it wouldn’t really matter. boy, was i wrong. guys are bigger gossip queens than girls. having already accepted the facebook friend request and chatted for the day, i had accepted the date. and my date went a little something like this…

after a knock on my door and a quick, awkward handshake (what?) standing in my breezeway and famished, we decide on sushi. sounds great! he then asks if we can take my car because his is dirty (what?). i thought he was joking. apparently not. what kind of guy knowing hes going out with a girl wouldn’t clean his chariot? it didn’t look dirty, and i’m never afraid to get a little dirt on me. whatever. so i drive to get sushi. i’ve already deducted points in my mind for the handshake and the “dirty” vehicle (i call bs). i pull up for sushi and the place is closed. why? cuz its 10pm. you know, a good decent time to go on a date. we opt for a local burger place instead. (minus a few more points regardless on how yummy the burger was).

while chatting and combing through the bs (inflated male lies and stories and braggings) of getting to know each other, i begin to realize just how strange he was…i wasn’t interested in his sudden weight loss of 35 lbs in 2 months (lucky bitch). regardless, we got on the topic of video games and my nerd side came out, which it had before and he had just so happened to bring super smash brothers. this is the only the game i had been wanting for forever. he challenged me to a game and i accepted. i didn’t realize inviting a guy (calm down, i knew him. kinda) into my apartment was a summons for him to try to put the moves on me (stupid rookie move). don’t worry i’ve learned my lesson. listen, guys, when attempting to woo a girl, i believe one should never pull the “guppy sucker fish maneuver”. that’s right, cornering a lady in her couch and going full guppy will never get you a second date.

although the cold hand of rejection ended that attempt, my facebook has now been blown up with messages declaring how he wants more and wants to take me out again. i didn’t respond for a while, then apologized for leading him on and he should probably move on. i’ve still gotten messages wanting to hang out…and more declarations about how he wants to see me again and be with me. heaven help me why do i attract all the crazies?



i like to play nintendo…but i’m bad at games

i’ve never understood the “games” we play with one another and the apparent rules that go along with them?! there are many, but i only have time for a few…

the “contacting each other” game:

do you or don’t you? do you text? do you wait for him to text? how long do you wait?

what is all this crap?! i really don’t think it should be this difficult in 2013 for a guy or a girl to let the other person know they had a good time and want to hang out again.

for example: you go out on a date and have a wonderful time. he’s giving you all the right signals: you touched his arm…he made you laugh…blah blah blah. maybe the night even ended with a kiss. good for you. now what?

as the female..we’ve been told wait for the male to pursue you. but we all know *most* guys are awful at communication. you don’t want to seem clingy and needy and text right away…hell no, do not call…and do people really email each other or does that happen only in the movies? so you wait for him to contact you.

3 nail-biting and otherwise stressful days later, a text from mr. wonderful arrives. great. now you have to keep your cool and play along in this cat and mouse game. you want to show interest but can’t be too available. *you don’t want to seem like you don’t have a life* hopefully, one or the other wins at the game and a second date is to be had. congratulations. if no second date, you begin again.

the kissing game:

how do you know if you’re going to get one? do you really want one? how do you avoid one if you don’t?

sure you can do what all the magazines say…draw attention to your lips…lean in and all that stuff ,but does it really work? i’m going based on my personal experience and say, “nope”. i’m a lover of a bold lip: red, pink, orange. lipstick however, does not scream “kiss me, you big lug.” so i’ve nixed the color on any first date, unless i already know it’s going to be a total crap-shoot and i’m just hungry.

more times than not, if he’s been thinking about it, he’s gonna do it. i’m not saying it’s going to be great, though. this brings me to the “trying to get out of a kiss you know that’s coming for you”. example: he’s locked his sights on your lips like a b57 ready to destroy the target. he’s not paying attention to your rambling on about how awesome dinner was, and how you should do it again…later…much later (like, after i throw my phone in the pool kind of later because you’re creepy and a stage 5 clinger and i’m scared now that you have my phone number and can contact me but thank god for caller id so i don’t have to ruin my phone later). he’s laser focused…i have to abort his mission asap. i lean in for the quick hug, throwing the idea of any kind of smooch out the window.

this is all ridiculous. where is the rule book?

game. set. match.



Confidence is attractive…being an ass is not

i would say it’s just another boring sunday with nothing to blog about but i’d be lying.

let’s start with thursday…

i’ve always wondered if it’s better to go out on a date with a friend of a friend, or some random stranger. well, i’ve now done both. a good friend of mine gave me a name of a fella who needs to be put in his place. my mean girl came out and instantly jumped on the chance.

taking it back to 12th grade, i requested to be his friend on facebook. i “creeped” after he immediately accepted my request. my first impression was not a good one with mr. a. his “tryin to hard to be buff” pics with young ladies commenting on how “hot” he is made me almost lose my lunch…and i felt the uprising urge put him in his place.

now don’t judge me here, but i did something terrible. i hooked him. it was easier than i had expected which made it almost no fun. within less than 2 hours of not knowing this guy from adam, he wanted to take me out the following monday.

*press easy button here*

i thought to myself “piece of cake. i’ll go out with this kid, (who is younger and shorter than me. they all are.) and put him in his place.” this was ultimately for his own good. i believe people like that need to get knocked down a peg or two every once in a while.

saturday rolls around and i get another facebook message from mr.a asking where i live so he can figure out where we can go monday. without giving any exact locations, he lives in the country, and me…i’m in the city. my mother always told me i’m worth a guy driving to get me. i take that into account most of the time, unless i might need a quick get away and can sneek out without an awkward car ride back to my place. anyway, mr. a has the audacity to tell me, “that’s too far can we meet somewhere in the middle?” now even if i was interested…that just made you loose mega points. sheesh.

was it creepy and un-lady like, or just 2013ish that i facebooked this kid regardless of my intentions? i still have no clue where we are going to go…if anywhere at this point. i don’t know if i can call this a success yet or not?…can i call, next?


sometimes i dip my foot in the fashion pool

i’ve been known to color outside of the lines.

my mom always told me that i dance to my own beat and i’ve learned to embrace those sayings and make them fact. this was going to just be a blog about my single life with potential horror stories of dates gone terribly wrong with all types of men. seeing as my calendar is pretty open as of right now, i’m taking a side note to fashion.

a good pencil can always make me feel like lady or just terribly uncomfortable if worn on the day my brain told me to put sweats on. when i paired a simple gray pencil with my favorite barbie style pumps and a cardi what can go wrong? yes, i did match the bag to the belt on purpose…something i never do.

is wearing your ex-boyfriend’s button down an unconscious, sappy, sentimental thing?

or a wardrobe expanded and a good twist on work apparel?


i’m going to take these headless horsemen bathroom shots to document my sometimes brilliant wardrobe creations. shoulda started a long time ago.